Welcome to our array of compact concealed carry bags. There is no reason to give up style and convenience when you are carrying a sidearm, pepper spray or taser; in the world of high-fashion, you can have it all. Look for all the same features in these bags that you would look for in your usual compact, including compartments and dividers for your cash, cards and personal effects. Bags like the Concealed Carry red compact can stand out as bold wardrobe pieces while not broadcasting that it is a firearm tote. Consider a clutch or crossbody concealed carry bag, and make sure that all of your accessories lend themselves to your fabulous sense of style. Here at Haute DeFlair Luxury Handbags, you can dream as big or as small as you want.

Get rid of unnecessary bulk with a concealed carry compact. These light-weight bags are designed to not only securely carry your firearm, they are designed with comfort and style in mind. Carry everything you would usually carry in your purse, as well as your firearm, pepper spray or taser. Keep everything organized and easily accessible with a wrist chain or crossbody chain, and feel great while you’re wearing it. The Concealed Carry compacts are built to last, so you can feel confident for years to come. Be sure to browse our other categories for other quality products, like a Gucci coin wallet or a designer stamped leather wallet, to go with your new compact carry bag. Happy shopping!