Concealed Carry Bags

There are plenty of things that money can’t buy, but security doesn’t have to be one of them. We offer a huge selection of women’s concealed carry bags and compacts so that women can feel confident in carrying their concealed firearms safely, comfortably and in style. After you have worked hard to gain your concealed carry permit, you want to know you want to know that you can carry your firearm with you wherever you go. Shop through these name-brand Concealed Carrie bags to find the right one to match your style and your firearm. Shop concealed carry bags for pistols as well as for non-lethal self-defense devices like tasers, pepper spray and more. You will find all of the quality leather and gorgeous colors that you crave, along with a practicality you will love.

A good concealed carry bag comes with all the sub-compartments, adjustable straps and dividers that you need to stay organized in your daily life, but a fabulous concealed carry bag does all of that while being stunning. While you shop with us, be sure to consider all the normal features you look for in your bag, from satchels to briefcases to clutches and beyond. You can find a concealed carry bag for your firearm that you also love to wear. You can shop for a full-sized or compact concealed carry purse right here at Haute DeFalire Luxury Handbags, or get both to be truly prepared. Shop our entire website for all your luxury handbag needs. While you’re here, why not find a Gucci or Prada wallet to accompany your new handbag?